Our general COVID-19 Measures
We have been working hard to do all that we can to make your holiday a happy one. Your health and wellbeing is important to us. Below is a summary of just some of the measures we have put in place for protection against COVID-19 but like most things to do with this virus, we are in this together, so we need your help too:

  • We follow all government recommendations as outlined on the government’s website: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus.
  • We have been accredited by Visit Britain as “We’re Good to Go” – the COVID-19 industry and consumer standard. This means that Budle Bay Croft adheres to Government and public health guidance.
  • Please DO NOT travel for your holiday if you are experiencing any of the symptoms, or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms in the prior 14 days.
  • We have completed a risk assessment which can be found at https://budlebaycroft.co.uk/covid-19/covid-19-risk-assessment.
  • Please wash your hands with soap regularly for 20 seconds as recommended – this is the first protection for us all against COVID-19.
  • We use professional cleaners and their COVID-19 Cleaning Protocol can also be found on our website: https://budlebaycroft.co.uk/covid-19/covid-19-cleaning-protocol. Note they will be sanitising using the “fogging” method between each turn around. They will also change mattress protectors and pillow protectors at every turn around. You are of course welcome to bring your own linen if you prefer.
  • Prior to departure, please leave all laundry (bedroom including pillow and mattress protectors), bathroom (including robes) and kitchen in the red bag provided (or in the middle of the lounge if no bag available).
  • We have had to remove throws and some cushions.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 17.00pm and you must depart before 9.30am during COVID-19.
  • Social distancing must be enforced to 2 metres and families cannot socially mix with another family that is not in their bubble. This includes the owners and their family, and any workers on Budle Bay Croft. Please kindly observe this – we have signs to remind us all.
  • If we need to fix anything while you are staying with us, we will do so when you leave the premises. We will wear masks and gloves.
  • You can use the outdoor toys and play equipment but you must sanitise them after use for your and other guest’s protection. Please use the sanitiser provided in the cottage.
  • Please use the none touch hand sanitisers before entering the property and on leaving, before putting the key in the key safe. Please do this every time you leave, not just at the end of your stay.
  • Please let us know if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 during your stay. Unfortunately you will not be able to isolate in the holiday premises due to future bookings.
  • Please book any activities in the area on line or by phone, paying in a contactless manner – do not just turn up and hope to access. We have no control over facilities and activities outside of Budle Bay Croft but most local businesses are working hard to welcome guests, albeit in a COVID-19 way. They want you to visit them but according to the guidance, which of course they do not write.
  • Please observe social distancing when eating out too – again pre-booking is required, contactless payment is needed and consider takeaways rather than sit ins where possible.
  • Supermarkets have limited delivery availability, as they continue to try to support the vulnerable. However some are offering click and collect. Locally, Morrisons in both Alnwick and Berwick offer Click and Collect.
  • Please ensure that you carry hand sanitiser with you at all times and use it after every interaction.
  • Please observe the social distancing and hygiene requirements for parking and using of toilets when out and about.
  • Please ensure you bring face masks as some places will require you to wear them and we do not stock any.
  • Lastly, we cannot be held responsible for keeping you up to date on any changes in requirements so we will end as we started, asking you to monitor government guidance change https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

Enjoy your holiday, albeit COVID-19 style!

Further information on our COVID-19 measures:

1. Our professional cleaners always operate to outstanding levels. Over and above their usual attention to detail they are now using a special cleaning solution that is a virucidal disinfectant and well as antibacterial and recommended for health facilities and care homes. Per their COVID-19 Cleaning Protocol, they are also sanitising at each turn around using the “fogging” method. They are using disposable gloves – a new pair for each cottage, and are paying particular attention to all surfaces but especially to light switches, remotes, phones, handles, railings, kitchen and bathroom surfaces. For linen they are  using a chemical sluice program on their washing machines for bedding, robes and towels at 75 degrees. We also have pillow and mattress protectors that are swapped at every turn around and will follow the same washing process. Guests are of course free to bring their own pillows/ linen if they prefer. All cleaners will only work if they are healthy and have no symptoms. If they did develop symptoms they would follow the national guidance and self isolate immediately and only return to work again when completely free of symptoms. We too are following the same guidance and are all well. If any of us developed symptoms we too would isolate immediately but would still support your holiday virtually as required.

2. Our properties are completely detached and have their own private gardens. We politely remind guests of the importance of social distancing in other areas like the fields and car park and there are signs up to help us all Stay Alert.

3. If we are unable to open the games room and gym. The outside toys and play equipment can be used one family at a time and must be cleaned using the disinfectant provided in the cottage  immediately after use.

4. We have installed (for each property and the shared area) touch free hand sanitisers with signs to remind guests to use them.

5. We politely remind all of our guests to follow the latest guidelines before travelling and while on holiday, including most importantly regular hand hygiene. Do NOT travel if you are experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has had symptoms in the prior 14 days. Please notify us IMMEDIATELY if symptoms appear during the holiday.

6. We will not interact with our guests face to face unless essential and will observe the 2m rule if we do. We will of course though, as always, be available should they need us.

7. While we still have membership of The Seafield Ocean Club, they and we will follow government guidance about opening all or some of their services and facilities.

8. Some local companies are already open including fantastic food suppliers and cafes/ restaurants – currently they are offering contactless take away services with some also offering deliveries. We can share the ones we know of and the types of produce they are offering. All delicious but may be reduced to their normal ranges.

9.  Pre-booking is essential for tourist attractions.

It goes without saying we are very much looking forward to welcoming our guests to Budle Bay Croft!


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