Taste of Northumberland food packages

Why not get your Northumberland experience off to a tasty start with one or more of our hand selected Taste of Northumberland food packages? We have agreed special prices and free delivery of delicious, local and seasonal produce* for our Budle Bay Croft guests. All orders will be checked and unpacked by ourselves, and placed in the fridge/ freezer accordingly. Save the mad holiday shop en-route. Save filling half the boot with food. Save having the same old, same old, delivered for a fee from the major supermarkets. Enjoy the real, local taste of Northumberland! You can either order enough for your stay, or just to get you through your first day or two – and you can still visit all of the suppliers to see their full ranges while on holiday!

Please confirm requirements a few days prior to arrival if possible, so that we can ensure your order is freshly picked, wrapped, delivered and unpacked for you on the day of your arrival. If you are unable to provide notice, we will try our very best to get what you need, subject to availability.

It could not be simpler to order – just email your requirements to info@budlebaycroft.co.uk, with your name, cottage booked and date of arrival. We will order your food, collect it and unpack it. We do not charge you for this service – you only pay what we get charged if you pay by bank transfer. PayPal is also available if you prefer to pay by card- they have a small handling fee. Unfortunately, due to previous abuse of trust, we will not be able to deliver any food unless it has been paid for prior to your arrival.



    Our breakfast pack, from the Rick Stein Hero and traditional butcher, Robert Carter and Son of Bamburgh costs just £12.50.  They have been the village butcher for over 125 years and have won numerous awards for their home cured bacons and pork sausage, The Bamburgh Banger. Your delicious breakfast pack will include:

    • Locally cured and smoked award winning bacon
    • The world famous Bamburgh Banger
    • 6 fresh bread buns
    • Black Pudding
    • 6 eggs

    You can also buy some of their lovely Bamburgh Sixes if you prefer:

    • 6 Slices Short Back Bacon – £4.50
    • 6 Slices Home Cured Bacon – £5.00
    • 6 Slices Home Smoked Bacon – £4.50
    • 6 Bamburgh Bangers – £4.50
    • 6 white bread buns – £2.00

    Seafood platter

    Taste of the Sea

    Our Taste of the Sea starter packs are equally delicious and from another Rick Stein Hero, The Swallow Fish Shop:

    Puffin Pack £11.05:

    • 2 x Sea Bass Fillets
    • Dressed Crab
    • Stunningly Delicious Award Winning Kipper Pate

    Kittiwake Fish Pack £13.05:

    • 1 pair Kippers
    • 600g Award Winning Gorgeous Smoked Haddock

    Arctic Tern Pack £18.05:

    • 225g Pack Sliced Smoked Salmon
    • Caviar
    • 500g Mouthwatering Smoked Prawns

    Veg Box Sml

    Fruit and Veg

    For your greengrocery needs, you can preorder one of two carefully selected, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables box from the Seahouses Fruit and Veg shop for £12 (Couple Box) or £22 (Family of Four Box) which will include:

    • A box of fresh basic veg, including potatoes, onions and carrots
    • A selection of more adventurous seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices including garlic
    • A selection of fresh seasonal fruit



    Or how about outstanding local cheeses with artisan biscuits from The Northumbrian Hamper, the four most popular cheeses and biscuits for £18.00, all delivered and unpacked for free.



    For desert, why not try gorgeous local ice-cream from Wyndenwell of Bamburgh – a 500ml family tub costing only £7.50 will be delivered free of charge, straight to your freezer – you can chose (hard I know!) from:

    • Raspberry Reprise
    • Rich Chocolate
    • Mint Choc Chip
    • Strawberry Supreme
    • Vanilla Bean


    Or you could enjoy delicious local puddings with the Northumbrian Hamper Pudding Pack, 2 of the favourites, A Sticky Toffee and a Chocolate Pudding in your cottage fridge for £9.80. Or how about a selection of ice creams from the local Doddington’s Dairy – 5 locally farm made individual tubs (assorted flavours) for £7.50.


Dining in – Budle Bay Croft Style

Budle Bay Croft is proud to offer guests a range of delicious, locally sourced meals, freshly and expertly prepared and frozen in tableware so they can be taken straight from the freezer to the oven and table – ready meals with a difference. These dishes have been tested by many guests and are highly recommended!

Each meal is prepared by our outstanding local chef Mick Holland who has prepared delicious dinners for stars and royalty alike. He uses very local produce, even our own Jacob Lamb and Budle Bay Croft pork when available.

All meals serve 2 adults and come with creamed potatoes or similar. All you would have to do is heat them up, add some vegetables or a salad and you are good to go! Vegetarian main courses and starters and deserts can also be arranged provided sufficient notice is given. Please ensure you tell us of any food allergies or intolerances when ordering so we can check suitability with the chef!

Budle Bay Croft In-Cottage Menu – Highly Acclaimed By Our Guests!

  • Northumbrian Hotpot – slow cooked, locally raised Jacob Lamb – £20
  • Jacob’s Shoulder – slow cooked shoulder of locally raised Jacob Lamb – £20
  • Jacob’s Rump – slow cooked rump of locally reared Jacob Lamb – £20
  • Red Currant Shanks – locally raised Jacob Lamb shanks in red currants – £20
  • Dexter’s Bourguignon – tender beef marinated for 12 hours and cooked with mushrooms and bacon lardons – £20
  • Cottage Pie – simple but deliciously satisfying – £20
  • Chorizo Chicken – free-range chicken breast with chorizo in a sun dried tomato sauce – £20
  • Forrester’s Chicken – sautéed free-range chicken with shallots and button mushrooms – £20
  • Pad Thai Pork – slow cooked pork belly infused with Thai spices and a sweet sauce – £20
  • Comfort from the Sea – deliciously fresh and comforting fish pie – £20